Suit Up!

On Wednesday September 20, 2017, RAs Jason, Katie, and Michaela hosted a program in the Southwest Hall Multipurpose Room. Suit Up! was a program that had a professional dress fashion show and showed a webinar about maximizing your career fair experience. The professional dress fashion show was a hit and many residents loved dressing up and showing us what is professional clothing and what is not. The residents that came also engaged in a discussion about why an outfit was professional or not. After the fashion show, RA Katie showed a webinar about maximizing your career fair experience. The residents who watched the webinar were able to hear helpful tips about giving their elevator pitch and how to make them stand out to the many recruiters that will be at the career fair. After the webinar, residents were able to ask the RAs questions about the career fair and the Career and Professional Development Office. What is your go to outfit for interviews?


Blue French Horns for Everyone!!

5 West check out your doors!! I put up new door decs on everyone’s door. The blue French horns will help introduce the new theme for the next bulletin boards that I will be doing. Can you guess what the theme is? . . . . . If you guessed “How I Met Your Mother” then you are correct. I hope that everyone loves the new door decs and are excited for the new boards. What is your favorite character from the show? Check out the discussion page to post your answer.

Finding Resources

If you are looking for resources around campus, you should check out the bulletin board in the hallway on 5 West. The board is modeled after the duck pull game at the carnival. All you have to do is flip up the ducks on the board and underneath each duck is a resource with its description, location, and hours if available. The resources listed are just a small selection of the available resources. If you are interested in learning about more resources on campus, just ask me and I can give you information about additional resources.

Hello Everyone!!

Hello Everyone!! I am very excited about being the RA on 5 West this year. It is my second year at UW-Platteville and my first year as an RA. I am excited to get to know all of you. If you have an ideas about programs or bulletin boards that you want to see let me know. I hope we have a great year!

End of the Year Cookout

Today we had our end of the year cookout for my wing. There were brats and burgers plus all of the fixings as well as anything else you could want at a cookout. It was supposed to be held in Memorial Park but the wind made it a little cold outside so instead we did it in the community room and still had fun. This also made it easier for residents to come down because they didn’t have to go as far. Thank you to all of the residents that came down!

Taste of the World

On Wednesday May 3rd, we had our taste of the world program. This program involved each floor having a different continent and deciding a dish that they want to make from the continent. We had a variety of dishes from savory sweet to drinks. 5th floor choose to do Asia and then we specifically focused on Korea. We ended up making a Korean Summer Punch and my resident from Korea said it tasted just how his grandma makes it. We encouraged residents to walk through the building as each of the dishes were located in either the elevator bay or the lounge on each floor. Thank you to all the residents that went around and tried the different dishes.