Plant A Seed!

On Thursday May 10th, residents joined RA Michaela for some fun planting seeds. Residents were able to plant different vegetable and flower seeds in used Keurig cups. The residents were able to decorate the Keurig cups with markers. After decorating the cups, residents were able to use their green thumb and plant. This was a great break for residents from studying and help cut down waste by using the used Keurig cups. What is your favorite plant? Post your answers in the Discussion Page.


Diversity Desserts

Diversity is a topic that is talked about a lot across campus. RAs Michaela and Morgan hosted an event that was engaging and brought light to diversity. Residents were able to decorate cupcakes anyway that they wanted. They were also able to lend a hand and put handprints using paint on a banner for the hall. We also talked about different diversity topics that apply to the campus.

Seussian Motivation

The semester is almost over and your motivation maybe a little low. The bulletin board in the hallway is filled with quotes by Dr. Seuss. These quotes are a great way to get motivated and pumped to finish the semester strong. You can use the quotes to motivate you for this semester or keep them in mind for this summer. What is your favorite Dr. Seuss quote? Poat your answers in the Discussion Page.

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health is important to all people in any walk of life. Unfortunately there is still a stigma around getting help for mental health problems. The green ribbon door decs are up with the hashtag #StopTheStigma. I hope this encourages everyone to talk about mental health openly. If you need to talk to someone, University Counseling Services is always there. It is located on the second floor of Royce Hall. What will you do to help stop the stigma? Post your answers on the Discussion Page?

The Roaring 20s

The 1920s was a time of change in the United States. There were many events that impacted the country such as the introduction of Prohibition, baseball, the wide spread use of cars, and many other events. You can find these facts on the yellow car door decs. The yellow cars are just like Jay Gatsby’s in The Great Gatsby book. What is your favorite aspect of the 1920s? Post your answers on the Discussion Page.

Taste the World

Southwest Hall and Melcher Hall hosted this week’s Friday Night Club. Taste the World was a great time hosted in Dobson Hall. Each floor in Southwest chose a continent and paired up with a Melcher RA. Every continent was represented at the FNC, even Antarctica. Each continent had two food dishes and an activity to participate in. Students that attended the FNC recieved a passport that was stamped when they visited each continent. We also had a trivia game playing all night. Fifth floor had corn bread with blueberry sauce and horchata. All if the students that attended had a fun tim and were filled up with the various foods. What international foods do you like? Poat your answers on the Discussion page.

Hot Ones at Suite Forum

Suite forum is a way to get information about upcoming events in the hall and have some fun by participating in the various activities that suite forum hosts. Suite Forum is every other week. This week we had a Hot Ones Challenge. The Hot Ones Challenge was when you arenasked questions and eat increasingly hotter and hotter hot sauces. We had popcorn chicken and tortilla chips to eat with the hot sauce. All of the residents were able to try thebdifferent hot sauces and ask each other questions. The 5 West residents were able to take turns to ask each other questions and try some hot sauce. Some of the hot sauces were really hot and caused residents and RAs to tear up and run for some water. It was a fun night for everyone and a great stress reliever for resident since it’s nearing the end of the semester. What is the hottest thing you have eaten? Post your answers on the Discussion Page.