They Had A Dream!

The month of February is when Black History Month is observed. In the hallway of 5 West a new bulletin board is up. The board is titled They Had a Dream. The board is about 14 African American inventors that you may not know about. The board is filled with both African American men and women who excelled in their given field. I hope you rake the time to read the board and find out some great information. Who is you favorite inventor? Post your answer on the Discussion page. Mine is Lisa Gelobter. She helped with inventing the technology that formed the beginning of web animation.


Valentine’s Day Fun

Valentine’s Day is a great day to spend time with and show appreciation to loved ones. In honor of the holiday, I made some camel door decs in Valentine’s Day colors. I really enjoy the community that we have here in Southwest Hall and I appreciate all the awesone residents of 5 West. I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. What is your favorite part if Valentine’s Day? Post your answers on the Discussion page.

1st Place Residents

The Winter Olympics started this week, so in honor of the sporting event 1st place medal door decs went up. Every four years althletes gather to compete to see who is the best in the world. Although the residents of 5 West aren’t competing in the Olympics, they are gold medal winners because of their positive outlook and attitude in the wing. What’s your favorite winter Olympic sport? Post your answers on the Discussion page.

Tea Time

The ending of January was the end of National Hot Tea Month. Even though National Hot Tea Month has ended, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious cup of tea. A travel mug door dec is up for each resident on the wing. In honor of National Hot Tea Month, there is a tea bag attached to each door dec. Make sure to take a moment to relax and sip some tea. What is your favorite kind of tea? Post your answers on the Discussion page.

The Secret Life of Trash

Trash is something that everyone produces every day. Do you think about how long it takes for your traah to decompose? On the bulletin board in the 5th floor elevator bay, RA Alex and I posted how long it takes for certain products to decompose. Certain products like food waste only take a short amount of time to decompose, but plastic bags from the grocery store take about 1,000 years. This is why recycling and composting are important because they allow us to put less trash in a landfill. Take a look at the board , which product’s decomposition time surprised you the most? Post your answer on the Discussion page.

Conquering the Seven Days

Time management in college can be difficult. There is so much going on from school to jobs, extracurriculars, and hanging out with friends. It is important to make sure that you have a schedule so you don’t forget what needs to be done. On the bulletin board in the hallway, I’ve listed some great tips for conquering the seven days in your week. Do you prefer a digital or paper calendar? Post your answers on the Discussion page.

Welcome Back 5 West!!!

Hello 5 West and welcome back! I hope everyone had a great break. Game of Thrones is the name of the game for the beginning of this semester. On your doors, there are different shields from four of the houses in Game of Thrones. The four houses are House Stark, House Lannister, House Targaryen, and House Baratheon. I want to challenge you to get to know the other residents on the wing by introducing yourself to the other residents that have the same shield as yourself. What house is your favorite in Game of Thrones?

House Stark

House Lannister

House Targaryen

House Baratheon