The Meaning and Psychology of Color

There is another bulletin board up in the wing farther down the hall. This one provides insight on what each color means and what it portrays. Be sure to check it out and see what it says about your favorite color. It is also very helpful for figuring20161031_152826 out what color to wear for an interview or a meeting.


Halloween Bash

Last night was the Halloween Bash that took place in the MPR. There was chemical punch, a haunted maze, tons of snacks, coloring pages, and of course a scary movie. It was a ton of fun and a great way to just relax. Thank you to Joe for coming down and going through the maze.

Pumpkin Door Decs

To go along with the new bulletin board, I also made pumpkin door decs. Each door dec also includes an eye opening alcohol fact and no two are alike. I strongly encourage you to go around the wing and read everyone’s fact as well as knock on their door and say hi. Have a safe and Happy Halloween.20161029_135810

Handle your Boos

In honor of Halloween, I decided to put up a bulletin board up on alcohol safety. This board contains tips for safe drinking, what “a drink” actually is, symptoms of alcohol poisoning, and ways to prevent a hangover. This is also an interactive board with slips that you can take that allow you to calculate your estimated BAC. Please be sure to take a slip and keep it with you when you are out drinking. Also be sure to check out this Halloween board!20161029_132354

Gourd Painting

On Tuesday October 25th, there was a gourd painting program held in the MPR from 3:30-7. It was really cool to see all the designs that people painted and it was a fun challenge to paint on the gourds because they didn’t stand up as well. We placed all the gourds in the window of the desk so anyone could vote for their favorite. Congratulations to Anthony who won 1st place and to Charles and Andrea who tied for 2nd. Thank you to everyone that came down.20161029_195836

Homecoming House Decs

On October 13 we worked on house decs in the MPR. We had a lot of painting, tape rolling, and outlining to do. Our idea was to do the evolution of disney while including the different eras and ages. After countless hours of working on it we managed to finish it. A huge thank you goes out to Joe and everyone else that came down and helped.

Minute To Win It

On October 11 Minute to Win It took place for homecoming week. If was fun to watch and cheer Southwest Hall on. You had to figure out the quickest and easiest way to complete the challenge. There was a total of 8 challenges with 3 of those being trivia challenges. A huge thank you goes out to Ben for coming with to cheer and then ending up participating in the event.20161011_183105