What is your true color?

This is an activity that I did with my wing throughout this past week. I handed out the True Colors Personality Quiz and asked everyone to take it and give it back to me. I then took the results and created a small bulletin board showing the characteristics of each color as well as the […]

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Star Gazing

On the night of April 23rd, we went star gazing on top of the “M” in hopes of being able to watch the meteor shower. Unfortunately, it was a little cloudy and we were facing the wrong direction so we didn’t get to see it. It was still a lot of fun because we were […]

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MS Walk

On Sunday April 23rd the MS Walk took place. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness about MS as well as money to help find a cure. I want to thank everyone that came out and walked the 3 miles around Platteville. We had the perfect weather for it and it was a […]

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Tie Blankets

On Wednesday April 19th, we made tie blankets in the lobby. We had a total of 6 fleece tie blanket kits in a variety of patterns and colors. These blankets will be donated to Family Advocates of Platteville. We had a lot of fun conversing with each other while working and it was definitely a […]

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Scoop Up A Better GPA

There is a new elevator bay bulletin board. This board contains tip about how to keep your GPA up during this home stretch. These tips can also be used for next year to help you start off on a strong note. The ice cream theme is to help you remember that summer is almost here […]

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Whats the Buzz all about?

There is a new Bulletin Board on the wing. This board is all about honeybees and colony collapse disorder. It contains information on honeybees, their life cycle, anatomy, what you can do to help,¬†and what foods we wouldn’t have if we didn’t have honeybees. There are also some fun facts from Officer Osborne who raises […]

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UP Badges

You have new door decs!! You all have earned a badge from UP the movie for being such great residents this semester. These badges contain inspirational sayings to help keep your spirits up during this last month of school. Keep working hard and finish the school year strong; you can do it! If there is […]

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