Mortal Kombat and Chili

The week before finals is a stressful time, so it’s a great time to relax. The residents of Southwest relaxed on Friday, December 15th by playing Mortal Kombat and eating some tasty homemade chili. The residents enjoyed playing against their friends to see who would win the classic game. Some of the rounds got heated, […]

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Cookie Decorating Fun!!

On Thursday, December 7th, 5 West hosted a cookie decorating night in the community room in Southwest Hall. Residents from all around the building came and had a great time decorating cookies and discussing why they decorated their cookies a certain way. Some residents decorated their cookies to look like ornaments on a Holiday tree […]

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What do colors say about you?

Colors are an important part of how we express who we are. The cool thing about colors is that colors say a lot more than just what our favorite colors are. Colors show parts of our personality like our motivations, how we react to situations, and our desires. In the elevator bay on 5th floor […]

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Recycling is Important!

Recycling is an easy task that everyone can do to help the environment. On the suite doors of 5 West, there are door decs that are made from newspaper. The door decs also have a fact about recycling. I hope these door decs inspire you to help out the environment and recycle. What are you […]

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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Your impact on the environment is an important thing to think about. The new bulletin board hanging in the hallway has some ways to reduce your carbon footprint brought to you by Captain Planet. The ways listed are simple ones, but the littlest changes make the biggest impact. What are some other ways that you […]

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