End of the Year Cookout

Today we had our end of the year cookout for my wing. There were brats and burgers plus all of the fixings as well as anything else you could want at a cookout. It was supposed to be held in Memorial Park but the wind made it a little cold outside so instead we did it in the community room and still had fun. This also made it easier for residents to come down because they didn’t have to go as far. Thank you to all of the residents that came down!


Taste of the World

On Wednesday May 3rd, we had our taste of the world program. This program involved each floor having a different continent and deciding a dish that they want to make from the continent. We had a variety of dishes from savory sweet to drinks. 5th floor choose to do Asia and then we specifically focused on Korea. We ended up making a Korean Summer Punch and my resident from Korea said it tasted just how his grandma makes it. We encouraged residents to walk through the building as each of the dishes were located in either the elevator bay or the lounge on each floor. Thank you to all the residents that went around and tried the different dishes.

Beach Door Decs

Is the dreary, clouding, and raining weather getting you down? Is stress starting to take over? Well take a break and look at your new beach themed door decs. These door decs will make you wish you were on a beach but they may also help keep you relaxed. Summer is almost here so push through; you only have a few more weeks!20170428_193018_HDR

What is your true color?

This is an activity that I did with my wing throughout this past week. I handed out the True Colors Personality Quiz and asked everyone to take it and give it back to me. I then took the results and created a small bulletin board showing the characteristics of each color as well as the names of those you got that color. I wanted to see what the main colors of my wing were as well as how many of those with the same color were roommates. Even though I didn’t have many complete it, it was still interesting to see the results from those that did turn it in.20170425_201816_HDR

Star Gazing

On the night of April 23rd, we went star gazing on top of the “M” in hopes of being able to watch the meteor shower. Unfortunately, it was a little cloudy and we were facing the wrong direction so we didn’t get to see it. It was still a lot of fun because we were looking for the different constellations and watching for satellites and airplanes to cross over head all while having a wonderful conversation. Thank you to everyone that came.

MS Walk

On Sunday April 23rd the MS Walk took place. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness about MS as well as money to help find a cure. I want to thank everyone that came out and walked the 3 miles around Platteville. We had the perfect weather for it and it was a lot of fun.18076727_1352501904891323_8125870545334636504_o

Tie Blankets

On Wednesday April 19th, we made tie blankets in the lobby. We had a total of 6 fleece tie blanket kits in a variety of patterns and colors. These blankets will be donated to Family Advocates of Platteville. We had a lot of fun conversing with each other while working and it was definitely a nice way to relax. Thank you to everyone that came down to help make the blankets for this great cause!