Alcohol Awareness Gatsby Style

The bulletin board in the hallway has some Great Gatsby style alcohol awareness. The bulletin board says, “A little party never killed nobody. Or did it?” Alcohol is seen in the college culture often, but knowing safety when dealing with alcohol is important. The board is filled with myths that surround alcohol and its consumption. If you flip up the myths, there are the corresponding facts about alcohol. Make sure you stay safe when out and about. How do you stay safe when alcohol is involved? Post your answers on the Discussion Page


April Showers Bring May…

Hello 5 West!! I hope everyone had a good Spring Break. Everyone has heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” It might not be true right now in Platteville because of the recent snow. April is a reminder that the end of the semester is coming up. Make sure to finish the semester strong and seek out any resources that you need to help reach your goals for the semester. I hung up some umbrellas on your doors to help keep the rain, snow, or whatever is coming down off your head so you can finish the semster in a postive frame of mind. What are some of your favorite things about April? Post your answers on the Discussion Page.

Hidden Figures with Dr. Williams

On Thursday March 15, a small but mighty group of residents along with Dr. Mary Williams watched the movie “Hidden Figures.” We watched the movie and had a discussion about race and gender representation in the film. During the movie, we enjoyed a make your own peanut butter and jelly station. The station was filled with different kinds of bread, peanut butter, and jelly and other sandwich toppings. What is your favorite sandwich combination? Post your answers Discussion Page.

Strengthening Your Relationship

RAs Alex and Michaela put up a new board in the elevator bay on 5th floor. The board is full of tips and tricks to strengthen your relationship. A healthy relationship is a great base for a healthy life. These tips can help with all types of relationships like friendships, work relationships, and romantic relationships. The tips are accompanied by pictures to help illustrate the tips and add some humour. What are some tips that help strengthen your relationship? Post your answers in the Discussion Page.

Women’s HERstory Month

March is Women’s History Month!! On the bulletin board in the 5 West hallway is a board titled “Now Showing HERstory.” The board is filled with many women that have made a big difference in history. Some of the women were doctors, judges, astronauts, and many other professions. Who is your favorite woman of history? Post your answer on the Discussion Page.

Use A Thesaurus

On the lobby bulletin board RAs Morgan and Michaela decided to talk about inclusive language. The language we use says a lot to the people around us. The bulletin board has some things that you hear in conversation around campus. When you flip up the flip cards you see a different way to say what you want to say. We focused on using person centered language and not using derogatory terms. The board is just a starting point to get everyone thinking about the language they use on a daily basis. Do you use person centered language? Post you answer on the Discussion Page.

The Oscar for the Best Wing Goes to….

The Oscars are coming up on March 4th. This awards show honors achievements in the film industry. I wanted to make Oscar awards to honor the residents on the wing. All of the residents having good semesters so far. If Oscars were given out for achievements other than movies, who would you give an Oscar to and why? Post your answers on the Discussion Page.