Scoop Up A Better GPA

There is a new elevator bay bulletin board. This board contains tip about how to keep your GPA up during this home stretch. These tips can also be used for next year to help you start off on a strong note. The ice cream theme is to help you remember that summer is almost here and to stay strong.20170411_213622_HDR

Whats the Buzz all about?

There is a new Bulletin Board on the wing. This board is all about honeybees and colony collapse disorder. It contains information on honeybees, their life cycle, anatomy, what you can do to help,¬†and what foods we wouldn’t have if we didn’t have honeybees. There are also some fun facts from Officer Osborne who raises bees himself. The border is made from cardboard coffee slips that are painted black and yellow to look like a bee as well as symbolize coffee since that is something we wouldn’t have without bees!20170411_184712_HDR

UP Badges

You have new door decs!! You all have earned a badge from UP the movie for being such great residents this semester. These badges contain inspirational sayings to help keep your spirits up during this last month of school. Keep working hard and finish the school year strong; you can do it! If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.20170409_170017_HDR

Circle Smackdown

On Saturday April 8th was the circle smackdown. Southwest Hall ended up having 2 teams because we had 13 players, 2 faculty members, and 3 spectators. It was a ton of fun and one our teams ended up placing 2nd overall which was great. Unfortunately, that wasn’t my team but we still had lots of fun playing and I learned that some professors will really get into a volleyball game. Thank you to everyone that came out and played or supported.received_10212411642147861

What’s Your Digital Footprint?

There is another new board on the wing! This board is all about social media. It talks about how employers do look at your social media accounts and how what you post, tweet, and even text can affect whether or not you get the job. Please be safe and conscious about what you put on the internet because it does play into your identity. Remember once it is on the internet it is out there forever.17858219_1342997022508478_229362544_o

Urine Colors

There is a new bulletin board up on the wing just past the first 2 rooms. This board is all about the different colors of urine and what can cause that coloration. I decided to choose this board because I thought it would be very interesting and it’s something different. Be sure to take a look and see what your urine color tells you about your health!20170401_135546_HDR

Paper Mache Party

On Thursday March 30th was the paper mache party that took place in the MPR. We used old publicity from last semester to make our own interpretations of a bear. While doing this we had a discussion about diversity and in the end we looked at how different each person’s bear was. This goes to show that we are all diverse and we think in our own ways. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing. Thank you to those that came down.20170331_133629_HDR