National Monolpoly Day

On Sunday, November 19th, 5 West hosted a Monopoly Night for National Monopoly Day. The small but mighty group enjoyed hanging out, having snacks, and playing a favorite board game. There were some frustrating points like when you landed on a property with hotels and high rent, but for the most part everyone had fun. RA Alex was the big winner of the night. Savannah had a great time buying up some prime real estate. What’s your favorite board game? Post your answers on the Discussion page.


What are you thankful for?

It’s that time of the year. Thanksgiving is a great time of year because it allows us to reflect on what matters to us. Some people love the food or shopping that comes with the holiday while others like to spend time watching football and hanging out with family. You don’t need to be in a certain group to think about what you are thankful for. In the hallway on 5 West there is a little board that asks what you are thankful for. Feel free to take a few moments and write down what you are thankful for. What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Post your answers in the Discussion page.


The Giving Tree

RA’s Jason and Michaela put up a bulletin board in the lobby of the building. With the Holiday season already here, we decided that the best way to celebrate it is to give back to those who need it most. We teamed up with the Salvation Army and created a Giving Tree in the lobby. The tree has cards that have a gender and an age. If you feel like giving back, you can choose a card from the tree and purchase a gift for the individual on your card. After you purchase your gift, bring the gift and card back down to the front desk and we will drop the gifts off at the Salvation Army. The gifts should not be wrapped. Please remember that the gifts need to be in by December 10th, 2017. This leaves us plenty of time to drop off the gifts. Would you rather give or receive a gift? Post your answers on the Discussion page.

Create Your Own Lego Man

On the doors of 5 West, there are blank Lego Men. The little guys on your door have a note attached to them. The note says to decorate them to express yourself. This is a great way to show the wing who you are and what your interests are. Some residents have already colored their Lego men and are showing off how they express themselves. Why did you color your Lego man a certain way? Post your answers on the Discussion page.


Diversi-tea Creates the Perfect Blend

Almost everyone loves a pun, especially when that pun helps talk about an important topic. Diversity is what makes 5 West unique. We all have different ways that we identify ourselves. These identities can include resident, resident assistant, athlete, musician, Christian, agnostic, and many more. The mix of different identities in 5 West makes our wing community different from other wings in Southwest Hall and other wings across campus. Diversi-tea makes all of 5 West together the perfect blend. What does diversity mean to you? Put your answer in the Discussion page.

Proud RA Fridge

As an RA, I love hearing about all the awesome things the 5 West residents are up to. The Proud RA Fridge is to let the wing know about your recent accomplishments, likes, and hobbies. Feel free to put up pictures of you and suitemates, inspirational quotes, doodles, or memes. I can’t wait to see what will get put up on the fridge.

Scooby Doo Door Decs

Jinkies! If you have taken a look at your door lately, you may have noticed a new door dec. I added some Scooby Doo themed dog tag door decs. I put a Scooby Doo twist on all of your names as well. I hope you enjoy the door decs. Who is your favorite Scooby Doo character? Put your answers on the Discussion page.