Diversi-tea Creates the Perfect Blend

Almost everyone loves a pun, especially when that pun helps talk about an important topic. Diversity is what makes 5 West unique. We all have different ways that we identify ourselves. These identities can include resident, resident assistant, athlete, musician, Christian, agnostic, and many more. The mix of different identities in 5 West makes our wing community different from other wings in Southwest Hall and other wings across campus. Diversi-tea makes all of 5 West together the perfect blend. What does diversity mean to you? Put your answer in the Discussion page.


Queer Quest: LGBTQ+ Game Night

On Wednesday, October 17th, RA’s Jason and Michaela and Emily Stier from the Doyle Center hosted Queer Quest : LGBTQ+ Game Night. The night was kicked off with Emily challenging the residents to match the LGBTQ+ terms with their correct definition. Some of the terms had similar definitions which made it tricking for the teams, but both teams were successful in matching the terms. After the matching game, residents had time to learn about the Patricia A. Doyle Center for Gender and Sexuality and ask Emily questions to learn about the LGBTQ+ community. After question with Emily, RA’s Jason and Michaela had the residents split into two teams, which were team Pineapple and Team Watermelon and play Queer Quest Jeopardy. The topics for the Jeopardy game ranged from transgender topics, famous people, LGBTQ+ history, advocacy, terminology, and sexualities. Both teams were close for the entire game. In the end, it was Team Watermelon that won the game. Both teams received prizes for their awesome knowledge about the LGBTQ+ community. Are there any questions you have about the LGBTQ+ community? Stop by the Discussion page to any questions that you have.

The Doyle Center Webpage Link: https://www.uwplatt.edu/doyle-center


United We Stand: Peterson Farm Brothers

On Sunday, October 8th, United We Stand presented the Peterson Farm Brothers who talked about agricultural advocacy and the power of social media. The Peterson Farm Brothers are a three brothers from Kansas who have a passion for agriculture and decided to show that passion by creating parodies of popular songs. Greg Peterson was there representing the Peterson Farm Brothers. He showed their very first parody that they filmed called “I’m Farming and I Grow It” and other popular parodies that they have done. Their first parody went viral on Youtube. This instant popularity showed the brothers how important social media is when you want to teach people about your passions. If you want to learn more about the Peterson Farm Brothers, check out their website: http://www.petersonfarmbros.com/ . Have you seen any of the Peterson Farm Brothers videos? Which video is your favorite? Put your answers to the questions in the Discussion page.


Taste of the World

On Wednesday May 3rd, we had our taste of the world program. This program involved each floor having a different continent and deciding a dish that they want to make from the continent. We had a variety of dishes from savory sweet to drinks. 5th floor choose to do Asia and then we specifically focused on Korea. We ended up making a Korean Summer Punch and my resident from Korea said it tasted just how his grandma makes it. We encouraged residents to walk through the building as each of the dishes were located in either the elevator bay or the lounge on each floor. Thank you to all the residents that went around and tried the different dishes.

Paper Mache Party

On Thursday March 30th was the paper mache party that took place in the MPR. We used old publicity from last semester to make our own interpretations of a bear. While doing this we had a discussion about diversity and in the end we looked at how different each person’s bear was. This goes to show that we are all diverse and we think in our own ways. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing. Thank you to those that came down.20170331_133629_HDR

Labels are for Soup Cans not People

The other new bulletin board on the wing is all about labels. There are many different labels that people use to describe those who are members of LGBTQ+ community. These are labels that we shouldn’t use because they can be very hurtful to others. Labels should only be for soup cans not people. Always remember that your words can hurt others.20170303_205815_hdr

Quotes by Famous Women

There is a new bulletin board hanging on the wall about halfway down the hallway. This board is in honor of Women’s history month and contains inspirational quotes from many different famous women. They are from many different years. 20170302_133752_hdr