Beach Door Decs

Is the dreary, clouding, and raining weather getting you down? Is stress starting to take over? Well take a break and look at your new beach themed door decs. These door decs will make you wish you were on a beach but they may also help keep you relaxed. Summer is almost here so push through; you only have a few more weeks!20170428_193018_HDR


Scoop Up A Better GPA

There is a new elevator bay bulletin board. This board contains tip about how to keep your GPA up during this home stretch. These tips can also be used for next year to help you start off on a strong note. The ice cream theme is to help you remember that summer is almost here and to stay strong.20170411_213622_HDR

UP Badges

You have new door decs!! You all have earned a badge from UP the movie for being such great residents this semester. These badges contain inspirational sayings to help keep your spirits up during this last month of school. Keep working hard and finish the school year strong; you can do it! If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.20170409_170017_HDR

The Goonies

When suite forum met for the first time this semester we watched a classic, The Goonies. It was great to see everyone that came down to enjoy a very relaxing night with popcorn and a movie. Some people stayed for only an hour while others stayed the entire time but either way it was a great time.

We do have suite forum tomorrow night at 8:30pm. Most of you should know but in case you dont, suite forum is now every other week and it is more of a relaxed and social meeting. Each week that we have suite forum there will be a different activity or social event. On the weeks we don’t have suite forum, you will receive an email with information about programs and different events that are happening on campus. Be sure to check your email. 🙂

Goalball Machine

For the elevator bay bulletin board we decided to do something that is interactive. We want you to write down any of the goals you have for yourself for this semester. There are markers provided and please be appropriate. Also feel free to read what others have wrote as this is anonymous. This is also away to help hold yourself accountable for your goals.20170120_215321_hdr

Donut Stress

The new bulletin board on the wing is about not stressing during finals and just doing your best. This board provides different tips to keep you from stressing. Be sure to take time for yourselves this week and get extra sleep it will truly help.20161212_151742_hdr

Door Decs

Be sure to check out the new door decs on your doors. These are in honor of finals week and provide a laugh as well as some motivation. Each one has a pencil that is yours to keep and if you want you can trade for another color with someone in your suite. Good luck on Finals!20161215_160341_HDR.jpg