Alcohol Awareness Gatsby Style

The bulletin board in the hallway has some Great Gatsby style alcohol awareness. The bulletin board says, “A little party never killed nobody. Or did it?” Alcohol is seen in the college culture often, but knowing safety when dealing with alcohol is important. The board is filled with myths that surround alcohol and its consumption. If you flip up the myths, there are the corresponding facts about alcohol. Make sure you stay safe when out and about. How do you stay safe when alcohol is involved? Post your answers on the Discussion Page


Strengthening Your Relationship

RAs Alex and Michaela put up a new board in the elevator bay on 5th floor. The board is full of tips and tricks to strengthen your relationship. A healthy relationship is a great base for a healthy life. These tips can help with all types of relationships like friendships, work relationships, and romantic relationships. The tips are accompanied by pictures to help illustrate the tips and add some humour. What are some tips that help strengthen your relationship? Post your answers in the Discussion Page.

The Walking Dead

What’s the one thing we all want in college, but we never get enough of it? If you guessed sleep, you would be correct. RA’s Alex and Michaela put up a new bulletin board in the elevator bay. On the purple side of the board are facts about the dangers of not getting enough sleep. I know a lot of us think we can get by with just a few hours, but in reality we need more. If you consistently go with not getting enough sleep you can have some serious health issues spring up. On the gray side of the board are tips about how to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is an easy health topic to talk about, but it is also a serious one. What are some ways that help you get to sleep? Post your answers on the Discussion page.

MS Walk

On Sunday April 23rd the MS Walk took place. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness about MS as well as money to help find a cure. I want to thank everyone that came out and walked the 3 miles around Platteville. We had the perfect weather for it and it was a lot of fun.18076727_1352501904891323_8125870545334636504_o

Urine Colors

There is a new bulletin board up on the wing just past the first 2 rooms. This board is all about the different colors of urine and what can cause that coloration. I decided to choose this board because I thought it would be very interesting and it’s something different. Be sure to take a look and see what your urine color tells you about your health!20170401_135546_HDR

Cooking in a Mug

Last night was mine and Taylors cooking in a mug program. The purpose of the program was to show people that you can cook some delicious and healthy on the go meals in a mug! We had lots of fun showing people how to make french toast, mac and cheese, and a brownie. It was a very social event with lots of jokes and just a nice relaxed atmosphere. Those that had signed up got a free mug with the ingredients for the recipes and everyone that came recieved a cookbook. Thank you to Colton for coming down and joining in on the fun!


On Friday February 24th, we had our FNC which was called Neighborhood Games in the PAC. It was a ton of fun and we had a really good turn out. We had over 100 people show up to play volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball. Everyone had a blast and most of them stayed until the end. Thank you to everyone who came out.