What is your true color?

This is an activity that I did with my wing throughout this past week. I handed out the True Colors Personality Quiz and asked everyone to take it and give it back to me. I then took the results and created a small bulletin board showing the characteristics of each color as well as the names of those you got that color. I wanted to see what the main colors of my wing were as well as how many of those with the same color were roommates. Even though I didn’t have many complete it, it was still interesting to see the results from those that did turn it in.20170425_201816_HDR


Tie Blankets

On Wednesday April 19th, we made tie blankets in the lobby. We had a total of 6 fleece tie blanket kits in a variety of patterns and colors. These blankets will be donated to Family Advocates of Platteville. We had a lot of fun conversing with each other while working and it was definitely a nice way to relax. Thank you to everyone that came down to help make the blankets for this great cause!

What’s Your Digital Footprint?

There is another new board on the wing! This board is all about social media. It talks about how employers do look at your social media accounts and how what you post, tweet, and even text can affect whether or not you get the job. Please be safe and conscious about what you put on the internet because it does play into your identity. Remember once it is on the internet it is out there forever.17858219_1342997022508478_229362544_o

Blood Drive

Yesterday Andrew and myself went and gave blood. We each saved 3 lives and felt great about it not to mention we also got a $5 amazon gift card and a free t-shirt! I encourage everyone to either give blood or volunteer. Thank you Andrew for going with me!

United We Stand

On February 12th, Monti Washington did a talk in velzy commons about how he went from the streets to the stage. He told us about how he had a rough childhood and went from foster home to foster home but he didn’t let that define him. He knew that he could be whatever he wanted when he grew up and continued onto college where he graduated with honors. I learned that there are a lot of people that have/are going through the same things as you and that you can’t feel alone or let the way that others think of you define who you are. He also told us to get a career because “job” means just over broke. The quote that stood out the most to me was:

“Do not compare yourself to someone else’s social media highlight reel”

Don’t be afraid to work hard and go from the streets of your fears to the stage of your dreams.

The Meaning and Psychology of Color

There is another bulletin board up in the wing farther down the hall. This one provides insight on what each color means and what it portrays. Be sure to check it out and see what it says about your favorite color. It is also very helpful for figuring20161031_152826 out what color to wear for an interview or a meeting.

Gourd Painting

On Tuesday October 25th, there was a gourd painting program held in the MPR from 3:30-7. It was really cool to see all the designs that people painted and it was a fun challenge to paint on the gourds because they didn’t stand up as well. We placed all the gourds in the window of the desk so anyone could vote for their favorite. Congratulations to Anthony who won 1st place and to Charles and Andrea who tied for 2nd. Thank you to everyone that came down.20161029_195836