Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is an annual celebration throughout many countries in Asia. The date of Chinese New Year changes every year since it is based on a lunar calendar. A new year means that the Chinese Zodiac for the year changes. This year it is the year of the dog. Each resident on 5 West has a year of the dog door dec with a fact about Chinese New Year and the traditions that are associated with the holiday. What is the Chinese Zodiac sign for the year you were born? Post your answers on the Discussion Page.


Paying Back The Iron Bank

Student loans are a known reality for many college students. Have you thought of how to pay them back after college? When do you need to start paying back on your student loans? What happens if I can’t pay back my student loans? These are questions that many college students have and the answers are available if you know where to look. In the hallway on 5 West is a bulletin board on the wall that has ten tips for paying back student loans. The tips include strategies for paying back loans faster, repayment options, and many more. If you are looking for some more help after ready the bulletin board, you can visit the Financial Aid office. The Financial Aid office is located on the second floor of Brigham Hall. There is also a great website called GradReady that can help you plan a budget for repayment on student loans. Do you have a plan for repaying your student loans? Post your answers on the Discussion Page.

Conquering the Seven Days

Time management in college can be difficult. There is so much going on from school to jobs, extracurriculars, and hanging out with friends. It is important to make sure that you have a schedule so you don’t forget what needs to be done. On the bulletin board in the hallway, I’ve listed some great tips for conquering the seven days in your week. Do you prefer a digital or paper calendar? Post your answers on the Discussion page.

United We Stand: Peterson Farm Brothers

On Sunday, October 8th, United We Stand presented the Peterson Farm Brothers who talked about agricultural advocacy and the power of social media. The Peterson Farm Brothers are a three brothers from Kansas who have a passion for agriculture and decided to show that passion by creating parodies of popular songs. Greg Peterson was there representing the Peterson Farm Brothers. He showed their very first parody that they filmed called “I’m Farming and I Grow It” and other popular parodies that they have done. Their first parody went viral on Youtube. This instant popularity showed the brothers how important social media is when you want to teach people about your passions. If you want to learn more about the Peterson Farm Brothers, check out their website: http://www.petersonfarmbros.com/ . Have you seen any of the Peterson Farm Brothers videos? Which video is your favorite? Put your answers to the questions in the Discussion page.


Finding Resources

If you are looking for resources around campus, you should check out the bulletin board in the hallway on 5 West. The board is modeled after the duck pull game at the carnival. All you have to do is flip up the ducks on the board and underneath each duck is a resource with its description, location, and hours if available. The resources listed are just a small selection of the available resources. If you are interested in learning about more resources on campus, just ask me and I can give you information about additional resources.

Star Gazing

On the night of April 23rd, we went star gazing on top of the “M” in hopes of being able to watch the meteor shower. Unfortunately, it was a little cloudy and we were facing the wrong direction so we didn’t get to see it. It was still a lot of fun because we were looking for the different constellations and watching for satellites and airplanes to cross over head all while having a wonderful conversation. Thank you to everyone that came.

Whats the Buzz all about?

There is a new Bulletin Board on the wing. This board is all about honeybees and colony collapse disorder. It contains information on honeybees, their life cycle, anatomy, what you can do to help, and what foods we wouldn’t have if we didn’t have honeybees. There are also some fun facts from Officer Osborne who raises bees himself. The border is made from cardboard coffee slips that are painted black and yellow to look like a bee as well as symbolize coffee since that is something we wouldn’t have without bees!20170411_184712_HDR