End of the Year Cookout

Today we had our end of the year cookout for my wing. There were brats and burgers plus all of the fixings as well as anything else you could want at a cookout. It was supposed to be held in Memorial Park but the wind made it a little cold outside so instead we did it in the community room and still had fun. This also made it easier for residents to come down because they didn’t have to go as far. Thank you to all of the residents that came down!


Wing Dinner

On Wednesday January 25th, we had a wing dinner at stations. We talked about our classes that day, clubs we were in, and some of the habits we have formed since we got here.¬†Even though the food selection wasn’t great it was still lots of fun. Thank you to Matt, Joey, and Andrew for coming. We will definitely have to do it again and hopefully more of you will come.

Homecoming House Decs

On October 13 we worked on house decs in the MPR. We had a lot of painting, tape rolling, and outlining to do. Our idea was to do the evolution of disney while including the different eras and ages. After countless hours of working on it we managed to finish it. A huge thank you goes out to Joe and everyone else that came down and helped.

Pancake/Game Night

On Thursday Oct. 6th was our pancake/game night. It was fun to get to hang out with some residents and eat some delicious pancakes. It also allowed me to see what each one liked and get some more ideas for programs/wing events. Thank you to Colton, Joe, and Ben for coming down and hanging out for a while.